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What Makes Us Different?

Experienced Service

Lincoln Laser Solutions specializes in high-value repairs, refurbishment, and part enhancement. Our extensive experience in the automotive, mining/exploration, oil and gas, energy, aerospace, and defence industries allows us to provide cutting edge solutions that are customized to each customer’s needs.  We speak your language.

Cutting Edge Facility

Our facility is one of the most complete complementary manufacturing partners in North America. Our work ranges from the microscopic, with parts weighing in grams, to macroscopic full-scale parts weighing in at 25 metric tons. Through our three shifts and our continuous investment in cutting edge technology, we provide unmatched costs and lead times.

Our Dedication To Quality

Our high-end processes are ISO 9001 certified. Our quality team works closely with our metallurgical lab to maintain the highest standards demanded by industry. Between our testing of incoming material, our record keeping, and our in-process testing, we guarantee consistent accuracy as required by our customers.

Our goal is to provide customers with the best quality and service available in the welding industry. We specialize in:

Laser Cladding

Laser Hardening

Laser Beam Welding

Additive Manufacturing

Metallurgical Lab Services


Our Partners

High Value Component Repair Through Manual Welding Processes

TIG Welding
MIG Welding
Micro Laser Welding
Laser Engraving
Thermal Stress Relief